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San Fele, Italy | Reunion 2005

The San Fele Reunion of 2005 once again welcomed 375 people who share a connection and commitment to their San Felese heritage. What an amazing tribute to our families, our culture, and our unending acknowledgment to our Italian background. The reunion was once again honored by the presence of Aldo Michele Radice, the former Presidente of the Basilicata Region and San Fele resident. Lucia Caracci Cullens, Italian Vice Consul, assisted in translation. Father Secondo Casarotto,CS, celebrated a special Mass honoring the Madonna di Pierno and our San Fele heritage at St. Anthony of Padua Church, the Italian Mother Church of the Buffalo Diocese. He also beautifully said, "What better tribute to our families than to gather and remember." G. John M. Abbarno, PhD, a Professor of Philosophy at D'Youville College in Buffalo, New York was the recipient of this year's Humanitarian Award. His many publications in the areas of ethics, morals, and values are read and studied worldwide. This year's chairperson, Pompea DiSanto Owens was born in the village of San Fele. She shared many wonderful thoughts and stories with the attendees gathered at the Buffalo Convention Center. She started, "It is remarkable our ethnic roots all come from this little town on a mountain top. Our ancestors all walked the same streets, all shared the same dream: to one day have a better life for their children in America." That dream is alive and well through all of us today and for all the generations who follow. Therefore, we must never forget our faith, culture, and heritage. We must keep telling the stories. We must continue to ignite the fire of our heritage. We must take advantage of the opportunities in coming together as one.

In unity and love there is strength.

Do not let this fade away.

Vive San Fele!!!